The Benefits Of Marijuana Sexing


Even a new marijuana gardener can make weed growing successful by just following the basics and learning more of the advanced techniques presented in marijuana websites and downloadable e-books. As a grower, you have the option as to what type of growing techniques and medium to use. You can choose to grow marijuana starting from seedlings or cuttings. If you want to harvest marijuana’s bud sooner, you can start growing from cannabis cuttings. Gaining more experience will help you become a growing weed expert. As the marijuana plants enter their flowering stage, you need to invest time on checking the flower formation so you can monitor male weed plants growing in your private garden. You can take them out if you plan to just retain the potent buds and not the seeds.

Sexing of marijuana plants is necessary because only the female weed plants are producing buds. Therefore, males should be taken out from the pot garden. Sexing marijuana can be started by adjusting dark and light hours. After one week or so since you have adjusted the light hours, you will start noticing the growth of male and female pre-flowers. Flowers from female pot plants will start showing pistils. The pistils when not pollinated by male marijuana plants will grow into more potent buds with high THC content.


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Pre-flowering Of Pot Plants


Growing marijuana is an easy thing to do and be accomplished even by those who are new to this kind of growing venture. Marijuana plants can give you the highest yield possible if you started with good seed genetics and follow it up with proper growing techniques. Proper techniques will influence pruning and sexing marijuana plants.

Removing male cannabis plants may not be necessary if you are cultivating feminized marijuana plants. Please note that even feminized pot seeds can grow into hermaphrodites when plants are exposed to environmental stress. However, several marijuana gardeners opt to grow feminized seeds because of the very obvious reason and that is for the production of an all female cannabis plants. The sex of the weed plants cannot be determined during the early stages of growth. Signs whether a marijuana plant is male or female are visible during the pre-flowering period.


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Increase Potency Through Early Sexing Of Weed


Male marijuana plants that will pollinate the female ones will decrease the THC content of the buds because energy will be diverted to the development of seeds instead of the THC production. The best time for marijuana sexing is on the early stage of flowering. This is the ideal time for pulling out male cannabis plants from the garden, either indoor or outdoor growing. The very reason for sexing marijuana plants is to make sure that the male weed plants will not have the chance of pollinating the female ones. In that case, energy is focused on the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) production.

Knowing the sex of marijuana plants is quite hard for many of the novice growers. It will need a bit of expertise on your part so you can easily sort the male and female cannabis in the weed garden. During the budding time, the white hairs will turn brownish or reddish and buds will produce more dense THC trichomes. That’s if flowers of female marijuana plants will not be pollinated by the male flowers. Increase the buds’ potency through early sexing of marijuana plants. This is done by pointing out the male and female weed plants. Pull out the males if you do not want the seeds and let the female cannabis stay for excellent THC production.

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Distinguish Male Plants From The Female


Male marijuana plants will flower earlier than the female cannabis plants. You should be able to identify them as early as possible and never give the males the chance to pollinate the females if you are after the potency and THC content of the buds. Growing marijuana plants from feminized pot seeds will give you female cannabis if you are able to supply them with the right light intensity, nutrients, water and other growing equipments. Cultivating seeds that are not feminized may produce almost half male pot plants. If you are not an expert in growing weed, it may not be easy for you to identify the male marijuana plants and female cannabis.

Sexing marijuana plants is necessary if you want to retain the potency and high tetrahydrocannabinol content of the buds. If you want the cannabis plants to produce seeds, separate at least one male pot plant to pollinate the female plant. If you do not want to seed out, get rid of the male marijuana plants as soon as possible so there will be no chance of pollination. Identify the male pot plants in the garden area. Take note of the following signs so you can successfully avoid pollination of male and female weed plants that will result to seed production.


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Identifying Male From Female Weed Plants


Different marijuana strains will vary in flowering period. Some may start their budding time in as early as 7 weeks while others will have their flowering period in 11 weeks. The flowering stage is also influenced with the kind of environment where you are growing marijuana plants and depending on how many light hours these plants are being exposed. Buying from any of the trusted seed banks and pot retailers can offer you high quality seeds. However, you should pay careful attention when growing these pot seeds especially during flowering period. You should be able to recognize the male weed plants from the female ones so you can get rid of them before they pollinate and produce seeds.

To identify the male from the female weed plants, look for the following signs:

▪ The pollen sacs and the stem of a male marijuana plants will form into tiny balls growing in between the nodes while the female weed plants will start forming pre-flowers on their fourth or fifth branches.

▪ Male marijuana plants usually have tall and thick stems, irregular branches and have fewer leaves while female pot plants have more leaves.

▪ Male weed plants do not produce white hairs while female marijuana plants do.

Buying pot seeds and growing it on your own private weed area may produce approximately 40% male plants not unless you are growing feminized marijuana seeds.


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Early Sexing Of Marijuana Plants


The advantages of growing feminized marijuana seeds are quite obvious. From feminized pot seeds, you will have higher yield since only female weed plants are able to produce buds. Several marijuana growers prefer to grow feminized pot seeds so there will be no hassle of pulling the male plants out from the garden. It is hard to identify male cannabis plants from the female ones especially during the early stages of marijuana’s growth.
Please note that even if you buy a pack of feminized seeds, there is still a risk that you will grow some weed plants with male characteristics in the garden. Hermaphrodites can result due to some environmental stress factors and too much application of pesticides and fertilizers.

Depending on the climate where you grow marijuana plants, male cannabis will start producing their flower just 2-4 weeks before the female weed plants do. If you do not intend to pollinate the male pot plants with the female ones, you can start pulling them as early as possible out from your garden. Sexing marijuana plants can be done with ease if you have the experience. However, it can be quite difficult if you are just new to marijuana growing. To make marijuana sexing be done in a breeze, know the characteristics of both female and male pot plants.


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The Best Place To Grow Northern Lights

Choosing which marijuana strain to grow is just as important as selecting the place to grow the pot plants. The factors that will help ensure success include the seed genetics, proper  growing  techniques,  early sexing  and  drying  time. These  are  just some  of  the aspects in  growing marijuana  plants that should not be taken lightly. To start right in your  growing  weed  project,  choose  a  type  of strain  that  will fit  your  growing skills.

Northern Light is among the list of the most popular weed strains around the world. Like the very famous White Widow pot plants, Northern Light has also won several awards. It is  an indica type  of marijuana plant  that  is  best  to  grow  indoors. With  a flowering period of 9­11 weeks, Northern Lights can be harvested by the end of September.


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