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Northern lights plant

Northern illumination was primary urbanized in the 1970s in Washington State and since the first hybridization has urbanized many sub-strains with unreliable character and features. A notable sub-strain is Northern Lights #1, which was the original strain urbanized. It is collected of one area C. indica ssp.

. indica (from Thailand) and three lodgings C. indica ssp. afghanica.[citation needed] It was careful extraordinarily strong at the time, but as then other additional strong sub-strains have emerged. Northern Lights is careful to be among the easiest strains to produce, being quite hardy and merciful to the beginner inside farmer with a characteristic high point time of 6-7 weeks, often described as mounting like "weeds".Northern Lights #5 in exacting is famous for this trait of mounting very easily. The strain's standing as a compact, high-yield plant; with a far above the earth strength also makes it well-liked among marijuana growers.  Along with Haze and Skunk #1, Northern Lights is among the most powerful strains of all time; one of the first strains to be productively hybridized for indoor agriculture. The Northern Lights #5 strain has been seriously highly praised by many cannabis enthusiasts and has been a winner in competitions such as the Cannabis Cup.

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