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Cannabis sativa is an annual plant in the Cannabaceae family unit. It is an aromatic plant that has been used all through recorded history by humans as a basis of fiber, for its seed oil, as food (see hemp), as a drug (see cannabis (drug)), as medicine (see medical cannabis), and for divine purpose (see spiritual use of cannabis). Dissimilar parts of the

plant have dissimilar uses, and dissimilar varieties are refined in dissimilar ways and harvested at dissimilar times, depending on the purpose for which it is developed.

Its seed, mainly used as caged-bird feed, is a costly cause of protein. The flowers (and to a slighter amount the vegetation, stems, and seeds) include psychoactive and physiologically active part complex known as cannabinoids that are inspired for entertaining, therapeutic, and divine purposes. While so used, provision of flowers (marijuana) and plants and arrangements resulting from resinous take out (hashish) are inspired by smoking, vaporizing and oral ingestion. In the past, tinctures, teas, and ointments have also been ordinary arrangements

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