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Skunk plant

Skunk has come to be a general term for every strong cannabis, while we speak Skunk; we suggest a plant descended from the creative Skunk No. 1 bred by Sam in the 70s. Skunk No. 1 (AKA "The Pure"), is the beginning of every the skunk varieties developed during the world nowadays, this plant was produced by Sam the Skunk Man, at Sacred Seeds, in the late 70s. Sam bred Afghani Indica, "Acapulco Gold", Mexican Sativa and Columbian Gold Sativa to make a remarkably strong and flavourful cannabis plant. Skunk plants are naturally early on growing, fine stabilized, with high potency and give way.

Typically Skunk plants are developed below imitation situation, rather than in the wild, also under develop lights or in "hothouse situation" using hydroponic techniques. All this can be done at home, using necessary apparatus, and a few varieties will cheerfully grow on a projection or gallery.

The extra intensively you nuture, farm and concern for your Skunk plants, the higher the THC content. Skunk varieties are likely to have THC content of sandwiched between 10% and 14%, with many having even top contentrations.

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